AMTEC students like Ritter Kinsella are in high demand – trained in machining, avionics, and composites programs developed by Boeing and industry leaders.

Preparing the workforce of the future.

Boeing has nearly 66,000 workers on its payroll in Washington. Many of these workers are second and third generation, deeply rooted in a tradition of building the world’s most amazing aircraft over the last century.

What’s more, Washington is aggressively training the workforce of the future. As workers retire, the state’s technical colleges are working closely with Boeing and other industry partners to create and conduct new training programs, using real-world technologies to ensure that the company and its suppliers have a steady stream of skilled workers.

The state also offers a culture of collaboration where the best ideas in information technology, communications, advanced materials, robotics, big data, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are shared between industry sectors, bringing new ideas to the forefront that can be readily prototyped, tested and implemented.

A workforce of nearly 200,000 workers in Washington’s information and communications technology sector creates new opportunities for aerospace companies to leverage their expertise in new and exciting ways.

As the new airplane takes shape, the state’s best and brightest are primed to bring the NMA to market without disrupting existing production cycles.

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