Silicon Forest Electronics in Clark County manufactures electronics for aerospace and unmanned aerial systems, one of over 1,400 experienced aerospace suppliers across Washington.

A mature, robust supply chain.

In this competitive marketplace, there is little room for error and Washington’s suppliers understand this better than anyone else.

Boeing works with over 1,400 suppliers and partners in Washington. Existing and new partners are ready to make the NMA a success, supplying Boeing with the materials, parts, structures, avionics, and interiors the company needs to control costs and move seamlessly from design and testing to production.

Our centrally located ports and airports, as well as established manufacturing infrastructure, provide businesses with unparalleled access to raw materials, just-in-time components, and domestic and overseas partners.

Washington’s rich legacy in manufacturing and aerospace helps minimize development and production risks while maximizing the return on the investment, supported by a seasoned supply chain that is ready to do business.

Transportation Improvements

To ensure that raw materials, structures, and parts flow smoothly throughout the state, Washington is implementing the Connecting Washington program which is investing $16 billion in infrastructure projects, including:

  • $9.4 billion for state highways and local roads, including:
    • SR 167/509 Gateway project
    • SR-520 “Rest of the West” project
    • Lynnwood to Tukwila corridor improvements along I-405
    • Safety and traffic improvements to I-90 through Snoqualmie Pass in the Cascades and I-5 near Joint Base Lewis-McChord
  • $1.4 billion for highway maintenance, operations, and preservation
  • $602 million for ferries and ferry terminals – a key part of Washington’s freight network
  • Expansion of Sound Transit’s light rail system from Tacoma to Everett
  • Fast ferries between Bremerton, Kingston Southworth, and downtown Seattle.

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