Boeing’s Renton plant is the most efficient manufacturing place in the world – delivering its 10,000th 737 single-aisle airplane in March of this year.

Lowest risk, highest return.

A century of know-how.

Washington’s ability to produce aircraft is unparalleled.

Since The Boeing Company’s beginnings on the south shore of Lake Union in 1916, nearly 30,000 aircraft have rolled off its production lines in Washington. Last year the state produced 714 Boeing aircraft and another 700 aerial systems of all sizes and shapes.

Boeing already has the infrastructure in place and could leverage the new 777X Composite Wing Center to build wings for the NMA.

Permitted, buildable land across the state, including locations in Snohomish, King, Pierce, Grant, Spokane, and southwest Washington, offers space for fabrication, assembly, and aftermarket services.

We know aerospace and are ready to build the NMA in an established, proven environment.

Aerospace Incentives

Washington also offers an attractive incentives package, including:

Washington doesn’t have a personal or corporate income tax or a capital gains tax. Our B&O structure has historically rewarded profitable companies like Boeing, especially when tax incentives are factored into the overall tax liability.

Local, regional, and state governments and officials throughout Washington are ready to work with Boeing to streamline and expedite permitting, assist with site selection, address infrastructure concerns, cost of living, and workforce training for the future.

Washington has built the lion’s share of Boeing airplanes since 1916. We are building the next generation 737 MAX and 777X. And we have the experience, know-how, and support to build the NMA with the least amount of risk.

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