The global leader in aerospace.

Washington has supported and nurtured the aerospace industry for more than a century.

As a result, we offer an experienced and stable aerospace manufacturing workforce – unmatched anywhere in the world. Workforce training programs – supported by industry, labor, and the state’s community and technical colleges – are churning out a steady stream of newly qualified workers. The state’s universities have highly ranked and growing engineering programs.

An experienced and extensive network of 1,400+ suppliers and partners are ready across the state, including machine shops, robotics companies, plastics manufacturing firms, design and engineering companies, tooling businesses, maintenance repair operators, and other related businesses.

We have labor rates that are competitive relative to productivity and output. Properties, plants, and equipment are in place around the state.

Our culture of innovation – sparked by the aerospace industry – is growing the number of R&D firms here, focused on high tech, space, unmanned aerial systems, artificial intelligence, robotics, supersonic jets, hybrid-electric aircraft, and aviation biofuels.

The state’s taxpayers have stepped up time and again to support transportation and K-12 education investments that benefit the aerospace industry.

Never complacent, we are working to maintain our national lead in productivity, precision, and production.

Fast Facts

The record of success speaks for itself.

Together, we:

  • Built nearly 30,000 commercial and military aircraft over the last century.
  • Delivered 10,000 737 single-aisle jets from Boeing’s Renton plant – called the most efficient advanced manufacturing place in the world!
  • Assemble more than 90% of all commercial aircraft in the United States.
  • Produce the largest composite wings in the world at the $1 billion Composite Wing Center in Everett.
  • Rolled out 714 planes from Washington factories last year alone – 15 times more than our closest competitors.

Washington’s Amazing Productivity

2017 Total Aircraft Produced

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