Training the workforce of the future.

A deep pool of highly skilled talent is essential to remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving global economy.

In Washington, we have a 100-plus-year record of industry, labor and government investment in workforce development. As a result, Washington has the largest concentration of experienced aerospace and advanced manufacturing workers in the world! But continued investment and innovation are needed to keep Washington competitive.

The NMA Council is proposing a comprehensive and collaborative strategy to support the needs of Washington’s workers and aerospace employers.  The strategy was developed by 25 statewide partners representing industry, education, government, labor and training partners following the first-ever review of all related education and training programs in the state. The review identified strengths and gaps.

The strategy calls on public and private sector leaders to:

  • Engage & Inspire K-12 Students in Aerospace – develop an early interest in aerospace careers and offer youth the chance to demonstrate transferable skills to employers.
  • Modernize & Expand Aerospace Community & Technical College Programs – upgrade equipment to meet emerging technology trends and increase output of students with in-demand skills.
  • Increase Apprenticeships & Career Connected Learning – open the pipeline of on-the-job training to more students across the state, especially in aerospace.
  • Expand Research & Development and 4-year Degree Programs – meet the demand for technology transfer, multi-sector innovation and engineering skills at our universities.
  • Enhance Workforce System Data & Coordination – increase accountability, coordination and outcomes of training programs serving the aerospace industry.
  • Extend Incumbent Worker Training – help the existing aerospace workforce meet the changing skill needs associated with anticipated airplane programs.

Investing in education and workforce training is a “win-win” for Washington.  Robust and strategic investments in workforce training will provide living wage jobs for our young people and provide all employers – not just those in aerospace – with a highly skilled talent pool.

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