Washington: The home team for the NMA

Grant County’s airport is an experienced testing facility for Boeing and other aircraft manufacturers, with 13,503 feet of runway and 4,650 acres of port land.
Facilities like the Port of Everett are an essential part of Boeing’s logistics chain and state partners are investing billions in infrastructure to ensure that materials, structures, and parts flow smoothly throughout the state.
Companies like Aero-Flite in Spokane continue to choose Washington to do business – relocating from Arizona in 2014 – expanding Washington’s aerospace industry.

An all-new Boeing plane?

Boeing is considering whether to design and build an all-new aircraft – dubbed the New Mid-Market Airplane (NMA).

If Boeing decides to move forward, the next big question will be where to design, produce, and assemble it. Siting is a huge decision involving massive risk and billions of dollars. Boeing will need to be certain the NMA program delivers – on time for its customers and on budget for its shareholders.

Will it be designed and built here?

We know that Washington offers the lowest risk and highest return on Boeing’s potential investment to design, produce, and assemble the NMA.

We don’t take our position for granted – and haven’t for over 100 years.

It took time and hard work to get to where we are today. Together, we have problem-solved, increased productivity, and invested billions in infrastructure to achieve every milestone – from the 707 to the 10,000th Boeing 737 this year. We are committed to doing the same for the future.

This dedication is why Washington’s aerospace industry is so well positioned today, with infrastructure built around aerospace, an extensive aerospace supply-chain, the nation’s highest-skilled workforce, a competitive tax structure, site investments like the Composite Wing Center, and proven production value – all complemented by a coveted quality of life across the state.

Still, we are doing more.

The stakes are huge and long-term. Competition will be fierce – dozens of locations in the U.S. and around the globe will be vying for this plane and offering huge incentives.

If Washington is chosen, it will ensure that we remain the global aerospace leader for another generation.

Why it matters.

Nearly every family in every neighborhood in every part of Washington state benefits from aerospace.

Opportunities in aerospace provide meaningful and rewarding careers for Washingtonians. Today, we have the largest concentration of experienced aerospace workers in the world – sought after by all the state’s big employers.

It’s Boeing and more: Approximately 136,100 people are directly employed in the aerospace industry here, earning a wage well above the state average. Every job in aerospace supports 1.7 jobs in our communities – in retail, construction, education, and government. All told, some 250,000 jobs and $94 billion in business revenue are tied to aerospace in our state.

Washington’s century of know-how in aerospace jumpstarted the tech boom and continues to drive innovation in other fields. Advances in avionics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, biofuels, unmanned aerial systems, space travel, and more are creating new jobs around the state.

This benefit is anchored, of course, by The Boeing Company with final assembly facilities for the 737, 747, 767, 777, 787, and the P-8 and KC-46 military aircraft. But less visible are the hundreds of companies, small and large, that support a statewide supply chain.

Winning the NMA will keep our economy soaring for the next generation.

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